Next Autism Fitness certification workshop will be organized when epidemiologic meassures will allow.

The two-day seminar provides attendees with the concepts and hands-on learning to create fun and effective fitness programs for the autism and special needs population.

Who is it for:

Fitness professionals, PE teachers, special educators, behavior therapists, parents and other interested parties will learn about the methods behind the PAC Profile and how to incorporate exercise activities into any environment. Developing and implementing successful (effective and reinforcing) fitness and adaptive PE programs for ASD population requires strategies for each aspect (PAC) of performance. “There’s a significant difference between having a motivation to be helpful and putting together an effective program for this population”,says Chessen.


About Eric Chessen  M.S.,Physiologist, YCS, NASM-PES

Eric is one of, if not, the leading authority in Autism Fitness in the United States of America and founder of Autism Fitness program.  Eric has extensive experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities with specific focus on young individuals (4-21) with autism spectrum disorder. His particular emphasis is on program and curriculum instruction and implementation of adaptive fitness programs as well as staff training. He has extensive experience with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods.

About Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

Spectrum is an important word to remember because this developmental disability is associated with a range of challenges that can affect people’s social lives, communication and behavior to widely varying degrees. People with ASD may have ways of acting, thinking, learning, paying attention and reacting to stimuli and situations that differ from people with neurotypical development. Some people with ASD are classified as gifted, while others may face serious challenges. Many benefit from a variety of interventions in their daily life, though others need far less. Regarding fitness, this population tends to exhibit deficits in motor skills and strength, they need to be incentivized and reinforced more than neurotypical clients, and they may face additional challenges in understanding and performing exercise movements, which necessitates an in-depth examination of the client’s learning style followed by appropriate modifications to coaching and cueing techniques.

You Will Learn

  • Why Fitness is Essential for the ASD Population
  • Common Physical and Motor Deficits
  • Understand Physical, Adaptive & Cognitive Abilities
  • Assessment via the PAC Profile
  • Program Development for Individuals and Groups
  • Goal Setting in each of the 3 Areas of Development
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Progressions and Regressions of Exercise

What’s included

  • The Autism Fitness Toolbox ($155 value)
  • The Autism Fitness Guidebook
  • PAC Profile & Assessment Tools
  • Exam & Certificates of Completion
  • Post Certification Support
  • Access: Certified Professional Facebook Group
  • Certified Professional Listing
  • Marketing Support & Materials
  • Mentorship Program Pre-qualification

The Autism Fitness Toolbox:

It is the most comprehensive program available for developing successful fitness and adapted PE programs.  This digital program including the PAC Profile, downloadable documents and an extensive video library, provides a step-by-step, flow chart approach to both assessing and programming at any skill level. The guesswork is taken out of the equation, as Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive abilities are covered extensively.

PAC profile is a comprehensive assessment tool developed by Chessen, which evaluates the client’s Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive abilities. “Those are the three attributes that we have to consider with any population, but with this population in particular,” says Chessen. In short, for each exercise you teach the athlete, you need to know that your client can physically do it, that they’re motivated enough to do it, and that they’re cognitively able to understand the directions you’re giving. Success comes only after all three are accounted for, says Chessen.

The Autism Fitness toolbox is the result of over a 15 years of successful fitness programming for the autism population.

The goal of Autism Fitness is to bring outstanding fitness programming to each individual on the autism spectrum. Attending this certification program will enable you to join us in that mission.

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